Energy Healing Sessions

We are able to send a very powerful energy healing to you or others whom would like to receive a healing.   Most of these sessions are remote and the person receiving the healing does not have to be present. This can be a physical healing, mental emotional, or the healing of a situation.  There are times when the receiver refuses a healing, (it’s not often, but it does happen) due to not being happy in this life and thus they choose to relinquish their life rather than choose to heal.  If that happens we will relay that message to you quickly.  The procedure for my method is to book an appointment and we will chat about the issue. After the call we will begin sending the healing.  If necessary, an individual will receive more than one “dose” of healing.  If that is the case we will continue to send the healing each day until we feel like a major shift for the better has occurred.  After that point we will send you an email to schedule a follow up session to check the status. 

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